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6/23/2016 between 11:30 and 19:00

Indo-Pacific Coral Collaboration: Partners Meeting

6/23/2016 | 11:30 - 12:45 | 301 B

THIS IS AN INVITATION ONLY MEETING. Over the past two years, nearly 100 scientists from around the world have contributed to the largest coral community database, with 2301 sites in 51 countries. ICRS provides a timely opportunity for all collaborators to meet in person and discuss next steps for the analysis and continued governance of this collaborative effort.

The agenda will include: 1. Update and summary of regional analyses and two key papers; 2. Discussion of future scientific questions that can be addressed with the database; 3. Future governance and sustainability of the dataset, e.g., conditions for continued use (or not) by PIs and all contributing authors, addition of new data; 4. Evaluation of data repository and use permissions for datasets. Data sharing and future governance are critical and sensitive topics that need to be addressed for the continued legacy of this dataset. ICRS will be the first opportunity for many collaborators to meet the PIs in person, and discuss face-to-face with each other. We hope ICRS can provide us with the opportunity to host this meeting, with timely and valuable contributions for the reef science community.

For more information about this event, contact Emily Darling, Wildlife Conservation Society,

22 corals are listed under the ESA, how can the ESA be best leveraged to conserve corals?

6/23/2016 | 12:45 - 13:45 | 312

THIS IS AN INVITATION ONLY MEETING. There are 22 species of corals listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The ESA provides tools that can be used to leverage the conservation of these species. ICRS provides an ideal opportunity for all interested parties to meet and discuss the next steps necessary to continue the protection of listed corals.

The agenda for this meeting will include: 1) Brief overview of Endangered Species Act (ESA) tools. 2) Discussion on recovery planning. Desired outcome: Recommendations for participants in the recovery team and priorities for recovery planning. 3) Discussion on consultation priorities. Desired outcome: Prioritize types of agency actions and/or geographic areas for endangered species consultation and mitigation. 4) Discussion on local/federal partnerships via the ESA. Desired outcome: Strategies for better partnerships between local, state, and federal coral managers.

For more information about this meeting or if you would to participate in this discussion please contact Abel Valdivia, Center for Biological Diversity,

Japanese Coral Reef Society (JCRS) Ceremony of Award: Winners of Financial Support for Graduate Students and Young Researchers

6/23/2016 | 18:15 - 19:00 | 303 A/B

The Japanese Coral Reef Society will be recognizing ten recipients during this award ceremony. For more information, please contact Beatriz Casareto, Japanese Coral Reef Society,

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