Submission Overview

Abstract Submission Fee

An abstract submission fee of $50.00 USD for professionals or $30.00 USD for students is required for each submission, along with a fully paid registration. However registration is not required at the time you submit your abstract. Please submit your abstract by the deadline of February 07, 2014 and you may log back in and register once registration is open.

Author Limit

The scientific committee for this meeting has expanded the number of authors that can be submitted per abstract to 10. If you have more than 10 authors, contact Lynda West at lyndaw@sgmeet.com. Please include the title of your presentation and your abstract ID number in that communication. The authors also can be shown at the beginning of your presentation on a slide or on your poster, depending upon the type of presentation assignment you receive. If you have already submitted your abstract and would like to add more authors, please go to https://www.sgmeet.com/jasm2014/userlogon.asp to edit your submission.

Audio-Visual Equipment

Each session room will be equipped with a screen, LCD projector, computer, sound system, timer and laser pointer. All presentations will be preloaded into the computer by the A/V staff for the session room. The A/V staff member will provide you full instructions on using the presentation system.

Previewing Abstracts

When you submit your abstract, you will receive a confirmation and will be given a login and password for making necessary corrections. Please check your abstract for errors after you submit.

Author Notification

The author who submits the abstract will receive electronic confirmation when the abstract and registration are received and this person will receive confirmation in this same manner when the abstract is accepted and assigned. Accepted abstracts will be posted on the website after the scientific program schedule has been determined. If confirmation and notification by electronic means are not possible, please indicate an alternate method of notification when you submit your abstract.

Additional Charges to Authors

Any author who submits an abstract on a disk and then also submits via the Internet will be charged a non-refundable duplicate submission fee of $50.00 USD.

An author who submits the same abstract more than once via the Internet will be charged a non-refundable duplicate submission fee of $50.00 USD.

Likewise, any author who submits an abstract and then resubmits the same abstract with revisions or changes or sends in a request for the appropriate changes to be made will be charged a non-refundable abstract change fee of $50.00 USD.

Additional Abstracts

The following sessions are designated Education Sessions:

  • Session 033: Bridging the gap: Using high-frequency sensor-derived data and networks in education, training and outreach
  • Session 078: The future of aquatic science: an educational session particularly for undergraduates
  • Session 079: Recognizing the Multiple Values of Aquatic Ecosystems to People
  • Session 080: GK-12 Environmental Sustainability Student Research Conference

Only one abstract is permitted per first author, with exceptions made for second submissions to one of these designated education sessions.

The first abstract must be accompanied by a paid abstract submission fee, but then can submit  an education session abstract without having to pay a second abstract fee. Second talks only will be allowed if they can be accommodated in the scientific program. The scientific program will organize the program in March. First submissions will be given priority in schedule. Those who submitted two abstracts will be notified soon after regarding the status of their second presentation.