Abstract Submittal Deadline
21 January 2011

Late Registration
Fees Imposed

Beginning 1 April 2011

Program and Schedules Available
Late March 2011

22-26 May 2011

Poster Sessions

S03: Sustaining Freshwater Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Global Patterns, Processes, and Planning
S05: Human impacts, stream biogeochemistry, and water quality
S11: Recent advances in hyporheic and parafluvial zone science
S12: Promoting evidence-based methods in environmental research and management
S14: Ecological Flows and Biological Indicators
S18: Shifting Baselines: Historical Analysis of Lotic Ecosystems
T01A: Bioassessment
T01D: Bioassessment
T02: Biodiversity
T03C: Biogeochemistry
T04B: Climate Change
T06A: Community Ecology
T06D: Community Ecology
T07: Conservation Ecology
T08B: Disturbance Ecology
T09: Ecotoxicology
T10: Education
T11: Eutrophication
T12B: Fish Ecology
T13A: Food Webs
T14: Geomorphology
T15: Human Health
T16: Hyporheic Processes
T17A: Invasive Species
T18A: Land Use and Non-Point Source Effects on Streams
T18B: Land Use and Non-Point Source Effects on Streams
T20: Land/Water Interfaces
T21: Large River Ecology
T22: Lentic Ecology
T23: Life Histories
T24B: Management of Aquatic Systems
T25: Microbial Ecology
T26B: Organic Matter Processing
T27: Paleolimnology
T28: Periphyton
T29: Population Dynamics
T30: Production Ecology
T31: Phytoplankton
T32: Remote Sensing
T33B: Restoration Ecology
T35: Systematics and Taxonomy
T36: Unionid Ecology
T37: Urban Ecology
T38: Water Scarcity
T39: Wetlands
T40: Zooplankton
LBP: Late Breaking Posters